Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Leonard Moore, Ph.D. on Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin & Black Political Power's Charles Ellison talks with Dr. Leonard Moore of Louisiana State University about Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin & Black politics

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Blogger Doris L JonesSawyer said...

I am a lifelong resident of Louisiana and had the priviledge of being taught by Dr, L Moore @ LSU. I am also a product of the '60's and I agree with Dr. Moore's conclusions regarding Louisiana's Politics and its "good ole boy" way of doing business. Heretofore, I would also like to say that THERE ARE HONEST. DEDICATED, CARING INDIVIDUALS AND POLITICIANS who reside here--we are just OUTNUMBERED at this point in time. Moreover, Lousiana Politics--like our Gumbo--is unique and unlike any in the United States or the World--in my opinion. I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud our Black Mayor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana--Honorable Mayor Melvin "Kip" Holden and his loving and devoted wife Lois--on the way that they handled this deboggle thus far. Kip is what we need in government right now and I wish there were a 1000 more like him. If there were, Louisiana wouldn't be in the shape she's in--fighting our way back from a natural as well as a man-made disaster. Dr. Moore, "keep on keeping on! One day, a positive change will come!

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