Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aimee Allison (G-District 2) on Oakland City Council Bid & State of the City ...

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Blogger Oakland Native said...

This is just more of the usual know-nothing blathering about conflict resolution rather than increased community policing services as a way to halt the spate of murders. Aimee Allison actually thinks that Oakland spends too much money on police, even though we have fewer than half the police per capita of most cities. Ms. Allison says she wants to improve education, but advocates closing Oakland's second-most-successful high school. Her only solution to educational spending is to steal revenue from the port, which would decimate job growth and bring a screeching halt to airport and shipping expansion. Her $500m / year figure of port profits is ludicrously wrong.

Aimee Allison wants to shut down successful schools, close nail shops she finds tacky, and undermine Oakland's growth by imposing huge fees on first-time, transit-using homeowners. She is endorsed by the Dellums machine of county and school-board officials, as well as the city employees' union and the statewide unions that control the state Democratic Party, making her far from "an independent voice." Her call for all-black leadership is quite inappropriate in a multiracial city. Her dangerous "ideas" will be soundly rejected in November.

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