Monday, October 02, 2006

Thaddeus Matthews on Tennessee Senate Race and Ninth Congressional District Race

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Blogger Political Buzzer said...

Thads, Blogg is the best in Memphis TN...He does not hold anything back he calls it like he see it...

We are True Democrats and Harold Ford Jr. will not endorse or even recognize a white Jewish Democrat for Congerss...

He is following his fathers lead which will cost him this election!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Political Buzzer said...

Some one posted the site on Thaddeus Matthews blog...I want your bloggers to know...We are not Country Bumpkins in the South of West TN.

We are not supporting Harold Ford Jr.'s brother, Jake Ford for Congress that came into the back door as a Independent but yet advertise on our black radio stations that he is a Democrat..

If Harold Jr does not endorse Steve Cohen another Democrat for Congress and soon we will start a movement against him for Senator...

It is not about the race, color or religion...It is about the Loyalty to the party...DEMOCRAT!...I am a true "YELLOW DOG"

8:57 PM  

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